Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The Odd Couple

Matt and I are great together.  We laugh.  We tell jokes.  We have millions of inside jokes.  It's like we're puzzle pieces made from clay and it's like the freckles in our eyes are mirror images (name that song, I'll love ya forever). 

However, we are polar opposites when it comes to organization and housekeeping.  I could write you a dissertation or I could just show you what I mean.  Below you will see my super messy closet.  I only ask you not think less of me after seeing this extra special glimpse into my life, m'kay?

My closet:

Don't trip; I always find everything I need.  And, I'm going to play the "blame the baby" card.  He pulls a lot of stuff down!  Plus, he's not tall enough to hang stuff up for me yet. 
So technically, this is his fault.

On the flip side, here is my awesome hubs closet:
Yes, he even stores his academic texts in there.  
And yes, he groups his shirts by type. T-shirt, short sleeve collar, long sleeve collar.  
Out of season sweaters are neatly folded above.

I could learn a lot from him, I realize this.

Are you and your hubs an odd couple?

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Mollye said...

Song: Iron and Wine's Such Great Heights? Am I right? Even close? If so, do you love me forever? :D Love ya big sister. You are the best.

Jo said...

That could totally be pictures of our closets'. Funny thing is I organize a whole house and three kids - but my closest not so much.

Lisa said...

The nut truly doesn't fall far from the tree!! Your hubs is just like his dad! For a minute, I thought I was looking at our closet! :)

Chrissy @ Boerman Ramblings said...

totally! His side is clean mine not so much. he can not sit and watch tv unless EVERYTHING is clean. me I can veg out and watch tv all day in a disaster!

juliemcg said...

Iron & Wine and Postal Service both sing that song! :)

Stefanie Ruth said...

Hi Ginny! Don't know if you remember me, but we went to high school together! I love your blog and read it as much as I can, but this one, I HAD to comment on.

First of all, "Such Great Heights"=Best. Song. Ever. It will always give me little giddy chills. :-)

Second, THANK YOU for showing me there are others out there like me! My fiance and I are fantastic together. Soul mates, made into corresponding shapes like puzzle pieces, best buddies even, but I'm the messiest person on Earth and he is the cleanest. My closet looks very much like yours, (though I don't have a baby to blame for my mess). I'm pretty good at knowing where everything is, but occasionally an article of clothing will go missing for a while... :-\

Sometimes I worry that he'll grow tired of seeing my little piles everywhere, but I guess this is how I know it's "real"....For some reason he loves me, messes and all.

I'm totally showing him this post though.... :-)