Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Guesting at Newlyweds on a Budget!

Remember when this blog was called, "Confessions of a Chubby Newlywed?" Three of you probably do! Well, I wrote a guest blog over at my friend Kari's blog, who is soon to be a newlywed in a matter of days:

Stop by, learn a little something from me and say hi to Kari. You should also follow her because not only does she write an amazing blog, she hosts sweet giveaways that yours truly just won!

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Sharde said...

congrats on winning the giveaway. and thank you gin for your sweet comment. this is beyond the hardest thing i've ever done- seriously--ever!!! he promised me this would be the last time that i would have to say bye to him. hope its true!

Branson said...

Returning the visit from #comment hour... headed over to read your guest post now! :)