Tuesday, April 19, 2011

A Little Inspiration: Tutorial Tuesday

our AC is out.
we live in south texas.
today was the hottest day of the year here; a whopping 97 degrees.
my baby is sweating in his crib.
16 and Pregnant is playing in the background; and since I really can't stand that show, it's adding to my irritation.

i need an attitude adjustment; here's some new inspiration for us.

i want to make, like, everything on this site.
but here are a couple of my favorites:
i've been wanting to do something to our bathroom, but ripping out the mirror and buying custom sounds so formidable and time consuming.  this is do-able with results that you can see after a day or two.

stephanie made this on her $0 budget series; amazing, right?  i'm going a'hunting for new craft paper this weekend and i already have the panoramic frames. 
a project like this makes me want to ask:
what are your favorite quotes or scriptures?

this is another one of the $0 project series.
i'm in the process of squirreling away my toilet paper rolls to make a rather substantial one that will hang in our stairwell.

i've got a couple more projects in the works that I'm excited to share with you...
including one from this girl
(can you guess which one it is?)
as soon as our air is back.
(our main computer with all the pictures is in a hot room with an uncomfortable chair and it makes me itch and sweat.)

and tune in tomorrow, where I will feature a gem I found last week and have also been stalking...

topher's mama concurs that you are indeed full of good ideas.
in fact, you are awesome.
so please, grab a button:

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michelle said...

I love that frame around the mirror! We pretty much have the same vanity and plain mirror in our bathroom. IIIIFFFFF we had money, I'd LOVE to do some new things in our bathroom! Very nice.

Diana - Teacher Mom said...

Oooh, I like that toilet paper roll idea! It kind of reminds of quilling. Only larger. And without all the rolling...

Thanks so much for stopping by Toronto Teacher Mom and for joining in UBP11!