Thursday, March 24, 2011

Awkward and Awesome Thursday!

  • Walking around like an angry rhino all day yesterday because I lost my glasses:
  I don't like walking around blind, it makes me grumpy.  Almost as grumpy as when I lose my glasses.

  •  I have two cats.  This morning, the big, curmudgeon, Pippen, threw up all over the floor.  The little cute one, Merry, decided to help me clean it up.  Imagine this:
  But, vomit.  Awkward.
(If you can tell me what famous literary characters my cats are named, you are awkward and awesome.)

  •  I have been so, so busy at work.
 I don't like opening my planner...but it seems every time I open my email something new needs to go in there...
March 22 was a weird day...a lot of things were planned, then moved, then canceled.
I just need to put my big girl panties on because it's going to be that way until the "test" is over with.

  • Toph is saying "hi" and "bye" at random and totally cute times.
  • My husband is awesome.  I love him so.  He should probably be a permanent fixture in the awesome column
Awkward AND Awesome:
Postpartum hair loss has caused some wonky hair regrowth, which means it looks like I have some form of mange (this is the awkward part):
But AWESOME part is that not only is my hair growing back, it's growing back BROWN!  For awhile I thought I'd be gray.

Were you AWKWARD and AWESOME this week?
I wanna know!  Either comment telling me how or post your own and link up to


Jess and Matt said...

I love the awkward and awesome Thursday! The things I am wearing are compression sleeves and it was actually my FIRST time ever wearing them. I asked a guy at the Expo before the race what the point was, benefits, etc. I figured I'd try them out. My left leg/ankle is messed up from our accident and my legs tend to cramp up when I run really far. I was only going to wear them on the bad side at first, but decided to do both and I am SOLD. Seriously, my legs have NEVER felt that good during and after a run. You are supposed to wear them after too, for recovery. I like the sleeves too, so I can wear my own socks and don't have to wash them every time I use them ;) I am telling everyone to buy them now!

Anonymous said...

merry and pippen! lord of the rings!!

Taylor said...

Tolkien! Also, I can't figure out how to follow your blog. If there's not a follow button at the top, I'm totally lost.