Sunday, February 27, 2011

Let Them Eat (Couture?) (Short?) Cake!

We're in full on party planning mode around here and I am in need of opinions as far as the "cake" goes at Toph's party.

Originally, I thought I had my mind made up on the cake issue, then I saw a picture that caught my eye.  First, let me explain my original idea.

Instead of an ordinary cake on Toph's birthday, I was going to create a shortcake bar.  Matt's Grandma Funk gave me the idea because she loves strawberry shortcake.  I was going to buy several of those mini-shortcakes, make three different fruit compotes (strawberry, blueberry and peach) and make some homemade whipped cream (no Cool Whip, thank you very much).  Then, guests could create their own mini-shortcake.

That was until I saw a picture of an assortment of delicious looking cupcakes.  Not just your average HEB bakery cupcakes, these babies were from Cupcake Couture; specializing in delicious flavors and beautiful presentation.  I would buy a few dozen different flavored cupcakes and guests would choose the kind they'd like.  I have a really cool little tiered serving tree that I would use to present them.

All along, I've planned for Toph to have an organic carrot cake cupcake with cream cheese frosting as his birthday cake.  I am going to make it because I'd like to control the amount of processed sugar he takes in.  I got to thinking it might be weird if he's the only one with a cupcake at the party and everyone else has shortcake...but then I realized he's one, not twenty one, and really won't know the difference.

I call on you, faithful readers (all four of you), to give me your opinion and answer the poll.

What would you rather have, shortcake bar or Cupcake Couture? (And pretend you're all invited to the party...)


Tara said...

Cupcakes are no fail. Everyone loves cupcakes :)

Leslie Kirk said...

I like the short-cake bar idea. I'm a fan of fruit with my dessert! :) I'm sure either way it will be yummy!!

Leslie Kirk said...

I like the short-cake bar idea! Either way, I'm sure it will be yummy :)

Anonymous said...

I think the cupcake idea. I think the presentation will be cute and it's more birthday-ish. You could do the shortcake bar for a dinner party or something sometime.

Anonymous said...

Do both! :) I am sure whichever you choose, it will be fantastic!