Sunday, January 16, 2011

We're Alright!

I haven't posted in awhile; but don't worry, we're doing good!  We have been chasing our almost 10-month old (10 months, can you believe it?).  I am starting to plan for a birthday party.  Have you ever planned for a one year old's birthday party?  It's mindboggling the minutia that is involved in this party.  Thank goodness for!  No matter what little idea comes into my head; I am able to search for it in etsy and always come out with something.  So, that's good.

Toph is doing great; he's almost walking but knows he is much faster at crawling, so that is what he tends to revert to when he really wants to get somewhere.  He is always trying to get somewhere.

He is eating like a horse; sleeping very well and continues to be so happy.  He has bronchiolitis right now and an ear infection (where you at tubes??) but we never would have known because his mood never changed.  A couple of days ago it looked like his ear was having diarrhea (sorry, that's the best way to put it!). The bronchiolitis is a little alarming because he has to take breathing treatments every four hours and can cause asthma if not treated properly.  Hopefully this will be behind us soon!

Matt's spitting image!

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Anonymous said...

cute pict! I'm excited to see picts from his 1 year birthday party!! I am also obsessed with Etsy! is another favorite. ;)