Saturday, December 18, 2010

A Note to Self

Dear Self,

Please, please, please...

Don't ever forget this face:

Don't forget how those lips puff out a little; don't forget how full and relaxed they are.

Don't forget those cheeks, those soft cheeks that feel so good against yours.

Don't forget about that button nose, the one feature on his face that came from you.

Don't forget how easily and how well he sleeps when he's sleeping near you.

Don't forget how much peace he brings you; even when all around you seems so chaotic.

Just don't forget.

And on the days in the near future when he has pushed you to your limit (as he is sure to do!), look at this picture. He loves you, your name was the first word uttered from those full lips and it's your legs he pulled up on. He'll always be your baby and you'll always be his mama.

Don't forget because tomorrow he'll be grown.

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