Wednesday, November 3, 2010

This and That

We may or may not be done with this ear infection.  We're still on antibiotics, we're still pulling on our ears, but the last two nights of sleep have been awesome and we've heard no moaning throughout the night.  We're eating like a champ (seriously, I don't know where it all goes but the kid loves his food), we're crawling reaaaalllly fast (seriously, they call me the baby-chaser), and we're pulling up on everything and then trying to climb it (seriously, he's giving me heart attacks).

Life is good.

Halloween was good, he was in bed by 6:00pm (a little early but since discovering his new found love of crawling and pulling up he thinks he's too cool to nap).  We went to the local pumpkin patch the week before Halloween:
Forget the pumpkins.  The kid's favorite part of the pumpkin patch was the hay.  Specifically, hay in the mouth.  What you don't see is mommy flapping her hands and rushing over to get the hay out of the mouth.

We have a new game around here.  We call it the boing game and it is played perfectly well with the doorstopper.
Remember my post about toys?  Yeah, this is one of the most entertaining things he's found in awhile.  And they're everywhere in our house! Instant entertainment.

Toph thinks his daddy is the funniest guy in the world.
He also thinks his mama is not a very good videographer.  He's right; I'm better in front of the camera. 

Toph loves to play with remote controls.  This worries his daddy, the king of the remote in this house.

We introduced rice rusks to Toph; he loves them and now will not let us eat a cracker or anything that resembles his rice rusks without giving him one.

On weekends, mama likes to try and sleep in, but Toph doesn't know the difference between weekdays and weekends; he only knows he nurses at 5:30am.  He then plays everyday in his crib after that. He will go to sleep however if he comes in bed with mama and daddy for the rest of the morning.  So, on weekends that's what he gets to do.
Guess who likes to take pictures of this?  Daddy, that's who.

Speaking of sleeping babies, ever seen one who's fallen asleep in the middle of dinner?
Now you have.

You're welcome.

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