Sunday, November 21, 2010

I am really backlogged on blogging here; turns out blogging goes out the window when you have a little guy who won't be still for anything.  I don't mind though; he is all over the place exploring and banging around.  I love it.

We are Thanksgiving Break in the Kelsey house....aaaahhhhh.  So nice.  Right now, Toph is asleep, Daddy is watching football and Mama is trying to catch up on blogging.  I have no idea where to begin though!

I'll just let some of my most recent pics tell our stories:

Toph got to spend quality time with his Grammy and her corgies, who are over the moon at finally being able to play with him.  They love him.  And, he loves finally having an animal who won't ignore his very existence, like this guy:

These two have a love/hate relationship.  Meaning, Toph loves Pippen, Pippen hates Toph.  Oh well, Pippen is going to have to get over it!

I love that he can pull up now.  I love when he greets us like this in the morning or after nap.  What I don't love about this is when he does it in the middle of the night when he should be sleeping.  Sometimes, he's verifiably in pain; those ears and teeth can bother him something fierce.  Other times though, he just wants to play.  Oh well; still cute at 2am (but I can't reciprocate the big smile).

He continues to be so handsome.

Took his first bath in the big boy tub.  The kid loves a bath.
Here he is blatantly rubbing it in our faces that we haven't put a gate up yet.  My baby; he might as well be getting ready to climb Everest in my eyes.

He loves the dryer and really wants to get in there.  We'll tell him that he loved doing the laundry when he is 16 and doesn't want to do chores; we have these pics as proof!

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