Saturday, October 2, 2010

My Little Wiggleworm

Toph may not be crawling yet, but he gets around just fine, especially in his crib.  Thursday night I had put him down in his crib, went downstairs and started making bottles.  After a few minutes, I checked our video monitor and this is what I found:
Yes, I know this looks straight out of Paranormal Activity (which even the preview scares the bejesus out of me), but I felt like I was in that movie when I looked at the screen and saw an empty crib.  I thought one of two things happened: one, he learned how to pull himself out of the crib and was on the floor (highly unlikely) or the neighborhood creeper was back and in our house and picked the baby up out of his crib.  Oh, the places my imagination station goes.  I raced up the stairs, banged in the baby's room and found this:

Somehow, my Toph managed to jam himself in the very part of the crib that is not visible to the camera, which is directly above him.  He was sound asleep, head stuffed  in the corner.  

Look at that face.  I didn't have the heart to move him back to the visible part of the crib; that would have been selfish.  He's my little wiggleworm. 

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Eve said...

I love this post! He's so darn cute. Thank God I never got a baby monitor, or I would've freaked out like this too!

{I'm lurking all over your blog today BTW.}