Friday, September 3, 2010

So Thankful For Coffee

My day:
5am: Wake up.  Let me preface this by saying that my baby has decided his occasional wake up time is anywhere between 4am and 5am, so for the past three days I've been up anywhere between those times.  He'll eat, get changed and go back to bed, while I'm up for the day.

5:30: If the baby hasn't already eaten, he does so at this time.  By this time I have had a few drinks of coffee and have straightened my hair.

5:45: Now it's off to the breastpump for 15 minutes of pumping while watching the news.

6am: Time to do the makeup!

6:15: Get dressed time.  A little aside here: I LOVE getting dressed now as an unpregnant lady.  With all of the pre-preg weight gone, coupled with feet that are no longer swollen, it's like going shopping in my closet every morning.

6:30: Breakfast, more coffee, make sure all is packed up.

6:45: Out the door laden with school work bag, breastpump bag, purse and coffee.

7am:  Arrive at school to get things ready for the day.

7:50: Kids arrive, eat breakfast, then go to PE.

8:40: Spend 15 mins pumping, this time watching news on phone.

9am-11:40: First instructional block.

11:40: Pump during lunch.

12:15-3:10: Second instructional block.

3:10-3:30: Dismissal in beating hot car line.

3:30-3:40: Pack everything up in a hurry.

3:40: Run like Forrest Gump to the car.

4:00: Pick up baby from daycare, 5 minute lovefest in the middle of the daycare commences.  The boy gets covered in kisses, is squeezed super tight, lifted high in the air and kissed some more.   Sometimes I wish I could get his reaction on tape to seeing me for the first time; it's the personification of overjoyed.  Yep, those cuddles blow my face off every. single. time.

4:15: We're home.  We go hard like Brooklyn; playing non-stop until about 6pm, when it's his suppertime.  Daddy gets home at around five, and boy, the three of us do it up right.

6pm: He eats supper.  Still not crazy about solids, but he'll eat them begrudgingly.

6:15-7ish: Play time, but a little calmer this time.  It's about time to start winding down.

7pm: Commence bedtime routine; bathtime, book time, nursey time; sleepy time.  We've got it down to a science; he drifts off like an angel every single night.  I hug him extra tight before laying him in his crib, give him a kiss right on the mouth, put his pacifier in and tiptoe out, all the while telling him how much I love him.

7:30ish: Commence bottle routine for mom.  Bottles are washed and sterilized, pump parts are washed and sterilized.  Breast milk is thawed out and portioned into bottles, which are then put in the fridge, ready to go the next day.

8:00: I shower at night to give myself time to straighten my hair in the morning.

8:30ish: TV time.  Big Brother, Master Chef, Jersey Shore, Real World...we're inundated with reality TV on the DVR.  I can't wait for our fall line up to start again!

9:15: Pump one more time for fifteen minutes, then it's bedtime. Sometimes little guy wakes in the night from teething, we go and rub his little tummy and he drifts right back.  We have a strict rule about not picking him up if he just whimpers, but occasionally he'll do the goat cry so mama will scoop him right up and cuddle him back to sleep in the glider.

I more or less get 6.5 to 7 hrs of sleep every night, then it starts over.  Since this working mom schedule started three weeks ago, I have lost 7 pounds.  Eat? When? :) It's not that bad, actually.  This is becoming our new normal and while I wish it could be different, I'm embracing it for what it is and making the best of it.

This Kelsey clan is a happy trio.

Yes, the above pic is of my boys.  But what you don't see is me, right in the middle; the heart of the family.  Hubs is the head, mama is the heart.  Baby is the whole world.

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