Friday, September 17, 2010

My Husband Rocks

I just visited a blog that I really like and the writer was complaining how her husband does not share the baby duties with a joyful heart.  He doesn't gladly comfort baby, he doesn't check on baby when she cries in the middle of the night, he doesn't deign to change the dirty diapers and he feeds baby only begrudgingly.  He thinks that since his wife is mommy, all the aforementioned things are her job and her job only and when she does need help, he doesn't help happily.

This breaks my heart for her and at the same time, makes me feel so, so, so thankful for my own husband.

My Kelsey boy does 50% of the baby duties and he does it all with a smile on his face.  He'll change that incredibly disgusting diaper (ugh, squash is the worst when it comes out the other side), he'll wipe those boogies off, he is the bath guy, every.single.night.  Two days ago something upset Toph and Daddy gladly picked him up and calmed him before I was able to get to him.  The only thing Matt can't do is feed Toph, as T will only get bottles now at daycare.  Matt also doesn't particularly like the solids feeding (all those mashed veggies disgust him), but since he bathes baby boy every night, I feel like it's an even trade.  I get him dirty, you clean him up.

I also have an incredibly annoying but very necessary bottle cleaning/pump part sterilizing routine every night.  This takes forever because I am picky about how that stuff is cleaned, but Matt learned my system and at times will jump in and help me.  He makes dinner every Friday night.  He is the one that wakes the baby up for daycare, gets him clean and ready for the day and drops him off.

Simply put, the guy rocks.  Not only does he rock for me, but he rocks for our son.  They are forging a bond that will never be broken and I am so thankful his parents raised him to be this way.  Our hope is to raise a boy who will be just the same with his wife.

Matt rocks because he is our rock; we love him so so much.

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Handy Man, Crafty Woman said...

Great, great post! :-) My husband "rocks" also, he is so great with our son. It's refreshing to read stories about good husbands like this.