Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Today Toph and I are playing hookie.  I can't get into my room because the floors are being waxed and I really can't justify sending him to daycare when I don't have any place to be. 

So, he's staying home with me.  We're going to the park early this morning, then we're going shopping.  Then we'll probably come home and play. 

The daycare thing is getting easier, but I still have moments where these waves of sadness just wash over me and I have to take a minute to collect myself.  Generally, these moments happen when I am at home, watching him sleep on the monitor or when Matt says stuff like, "Man, can you believe how fast this summer has gone by?" And I have to say (while my voice cracks) "yes, hon, I do believe it." 

I reserve the right to play hookie (who says that anymore?) any time I want.  I know I'll have to save my ten precious sick/personal days for when Toph is actually sick, something inevitable when in daycare, I don't care how much breastmilk he's had, but I'll still stay at home with him once in awhile.  Just a mental health day to get me through to the next holiday break.  Nothing wrong with that, no sir.

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Tara said...

Unexpected days home with them are the best! That's what I called them too - mental health days :) There is always that long haul between labor day & Thanksgiving where you'll need at least one :)