Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Such a Pleasure

We are coming off a busy couple of weeks, filled with baby excitement and lots of family visits. I will blog about all of it...but first, I need to talk about my baby.

He is such a pleasure. Such a joy. The light of my life. My treasure. My prize.

He turned four months old yesterday. I was honestly more excited for that than I was our anniversary. Lucky boy got to share birthday with Grandma and Grandpa from Iowa and they all had a great day.

The last month has been the most blissful, full of happy baby sounds, happy baby smiles and sweet little milestones.

Toph is an easy-going baby. He rarely cries, mostly just fusses if something is bothering him. He full-out cries on two occasions: when he is overly tired or overly hungry. Like his friend Caysen, he is generous with his smiles. We can take him anywhere and we know he can handle it. The one exception was the WNBA game we took him to on Sunday; he didn't like that loud announcer! He has led a pretty quiet existence and I think the shock of that loud announcer was too much for him to handle. I did get a sweet picture of him and daddy before we entered the AT&T Center:

That was the only one we got though, because after that, Matt and I were taking turns escorting him around the arena in his Baby Bjorn.

Toph sleeps like an angel. I worried that sleeping unswaddled would effect his sleep patterns, but no, it's like he was never swaddled in the first place. He does make good use of his crib; when I pick him up in the morning he's always horizontal, with his little feet almost through the slats in the crib. He never cries in the morning when he wakes; his coos and squeals are what wake me up.

He goes to sleep at 7:30pm and he usually wakes up at around 6am to eat and he'll go right back down to sleep afterward for about 45 minutes. This is going to be very helpful to mama and daddy when we go back to work; he'll give us much needed get ready time!

Toph is happiest when he is with me. He is crazy about his daddy and Matt is really good at making him laugh, but he LOVES me (not saying he doesn't love Matt, he is definitely his second favorite person). He always has a smile for me, even when he's upset. I have to say that the feeling is mutual. Matt's parents from Iowa came into town the past few days and while I was cleaning the house for their arrival, I would just tote the baby with me to the different parts of the house and he would play while I worked. He only whined when I had to step out of the room for a bit. His favorite spot to be while I was cleaning our bedroom and made the bed was the pappasan chair:

He loves his Jumperoo and is finally starting to understand what it's all about:

But he is perfectly content practicing his sit-up skills and playing with a rattle.

He can roll from his back to his tummy and from his tummy to his back, but has not yet put the two together. He doesn't care too much to be on his tummy, so I have to be mean mommy and put him there so he can work those muscles. I'm lucky in the fact that he hates being on his tummy; the one night he rolled to his tummy he woke up and fussed until I came in and rolled him back over.

He is only a diva (as Matt calls him) when he nurses. He likes complete silence and will pull away and give me the stink-eye if I start talking, if I laugh or if I cough or sneeze.

He is such a great little guy, so laid back and easy. I can't get enough of him!

(I won't even dignify my hair with a comment...we're all looking at the precious baby anyway.)


Mollye said...

I read this blog every day and watch that video at least twice a day. I love his sweet face. Thanks sister, I love reading this blog everyday!

Handy Man, Crafty Woman said...

He's such a doll!!