Saturday, July 31, 2010

Let Me Tell Ya Bout My Best Friend

Dear Topherboy,

You have a handsome daddy. He's a hottie. I got really lucky when I bagged him nine years ago. His smile will light up a room, his ocher colored eyes gleam and sparkle and his personality and sense of humor will never be duplicated. (But if anyone can come close it's you my dear.) And don't get me started on those long, curly eyelashes! I didn't get picky when I prayed for you, but I will admit I prayed for God to bless you with those gorgeous lashes, and it looks like our Heavenly Father obliged me! Your daddy has a mischievous streak that keeps me on my toes and a servant's heart that keeps me humble. Tophie, he's my better half. He makes me a better mama.

Your daddy looks best in jeans, tennis shoes (he currently rocks New Balance), a polo shirt and a cap (he loves his Torrey Pines cap best, you were there when we bought it, but 6 weeks in utero, so it's okay if you don't remember). That being said, he can dress up with the best of them and he looks good. The best is that he knows he looks good. He has earrings in both his ears and I pray he never takes them out. They are a part of who he is; he pierced his ears when he was 16 and has kept them in ever since. You grabbed his earrings the other day for the first time and he was quite nonplussed. But the earrings, mmm, the earrings need to stay baby, so hands off. You can grab my earrings all you want. Your daddy wears a scruffy beard on his face year round. It makes him look oh so rugged. I love to run my fingers through that thing and incidentally, it tickles your tiny feet when he rubs them on it. He is a mountain man transplanted to south Texas, and I love that he's maintained that Boulder sense of style.

Your daddy is easy on the eyes my friend. But that's not the best part about him. The best is what you don't see; his wonderful, quirky personality, his unique sense of humor, his wit, his unbelievable work ethic, his sharp intelligence. Most of all, his unending, unconditional love for the two of us. Right now your daddy is the guy that rocks you, makes you laugh, that carries you around from place to place and the guy that gives the best, most luxurious baths. Soon he will become the man who guides you through life's ups and downs, the man that teaches you right from wrong, the man that installs in you a moral compass.

You and I are a lucky pair! While you have already started to become like him in outward appearances (you look so much like him), I'm so excited to see you become like him on the inside. That's where it counts, my boy.

 I love you forever my little fella!

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Anonymous said...

Too sweet! I love the line where you and your hubby agree to focus on your baby's heart, not what's in his hands.