Thursday, July 1, 2010

Embrace the Camera Thursday

The premise: Moms are always behind the camera and are not in enough of the pictures with their children.

The idea: Take a picture with your child every Thursday. You may not look great, but your child will treasure it in the future. I wish I had more pictures growing up with my mom as a child. Hopefully, Toph won't see me as I see myself; (bags under eyes, weird smile, double chin), but he will see his mom, the lady who loves him more than life itself.

Thanks to the lovely M'chelle for the idea!


Kim said...

I love the new pictures! You look great and he is absolutely precious! He is getting so big!

macca said...
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Anonymous said... look great and toph will remember you for being a fantastic mama!!! Keep posing for those great pics..and encourage Matt to take a few when you aren't expecting it...