Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Sometimes I think I borrow trouble...in fact, I know I do.

I've mentioned before that I'm a big proponent of swaddling. It helps Toph sleep so well and he seems to really love it too. He's slept through the night consistently the past three weeks and I owe it to the Miracle Blanket. When I put him in a swaddle blanket for naptime or bedtime, he giggles and smiles really big. He knows he's about to go to "seepies" and he likes it.

However, I read somewhere that babies shouldn't be swaddled too much because it hinders their development. I hadn't heard or read that before, so being the investigative person I am, I started searching the internets for more. These were the thoughts that were going through my head:
Am I hurting my baby?
Will he never learn to grab because of swaddling?
What if he never develops hand-eye coordination because of me and my poor parenting skills?
Am I the worst mother ever?
There is TOO much info on the web about all things new baby and parenting. There are so many conflicting views and opinions and it makes my head spin and it makes me fret unnecessarily.

So, after spending a whole lot of time on the net trying to figure out if I'm damaging my child, I'm back at square one. It got me to thinking; I am his mother. I am doing what I believe what is best for him. When he sleeps, he is happier when he is awake. He doesn't fuss as much, he is alert and is a whole lot of fun. When hubs and I have tried to put him down for naps unswaddled in an attempt to wean him from swaddling; he has been a big, cranky baby whose life mission is to fuss at us something fierce. His arms flail and within minutes, he's up again, but this time, crying the goat cry. From now on, if I am concerned about hindering my child's development, I will contact his pedi, who is endorsed by the AAP and knows a thing or two about child development.

What I've learned is that one worry will lead to another and sometimes, even a good thing can lead to worries. For example, he's sleeping through the night...yay! But now, I'm afraid to let myself sleep through the night because of my milk supply. Oh, my milk supply will diminish and Toph will not get the nourishment he needs.Oh, maybe I should wake Toph up to eat and that way I can change him.

I mean, last night my little angel slept from 8pm to 6:30am and I was so thrilled...until I changed his diaper and saw that his normally clear urine was yellow. Oh no, he's dehydrated and it's all my fault! I need to start waking him to eat.

I love my little guy and only want the absolute best for him, but surely that doesn't mean fretting over every little thing and spending his naptime on the internet researching bogus parenting advice, right?

If any of you have experienced something similar, please let me know...I'm feeling a little overwhelmed at all the information that's out there...do you feel the same?


Cecilia said...

Don't worry (or do worry) because all normal mothers ask these questions constantly and about different things as children grow.
My opinion is, if something is working for your baby, do it. My kids couldn't stand swaddling and they both had trouble sleeping when they were younger and now they are fine. As for nursing at night, your milk supply slows down at night and is most active in the first part of the day, so as long as he's nursing in the morning and throughout the day, he will be happy and your milk supply will be fine. He'll let you know if he's hungry/thirsty. You can also always give him water if you think he needs extra liquid, that may also help him get used to using a bottle.

RCK Williams said...

I'm no expert since this is my first too but from what I know and experienced and from what others have shared with me:
1)Swaddleing was a BIG help with me. I did it everytime she went to sleep. She eventually didn't need to be swaddled anymore once she got older (she would just wriggle out). Her development hasn't been affected at all by it. So I say, do it and if he decides he doesn't want to be, then ok.

2)As for the milk. I had issues. I would pump and feed her, but that didn't last long. A week later we had to go straight formula. My Peds told me that as long as they are pooping they're hydrated. The color of the urine I dont think matters like it does in adults. Its when he stops pooping that you need to worry.
You're a fabulous momma and I know you're doing a wonderful job!! The worries will never go away. I'm dealing with switching to finger foods totally and no more baby food and I'm wondering "Is she getting the nutrients she needs? Too much of something? Am I even doing this right?" See, they never go away!(Boo!)

Anonymous said...

Ginny, think you are doing a fantastic job. Unless your pediatrician has given you any reason to worry..try not to. Like Cecilia mentioned, all first time mom's go through this. It is because you have never loved anything more and want to do everything right for your baby for he truly is a blessing. Swaddling is fine. Like I mentioned to you when he was just a few days old, he was used to be in a warm snug place before he was born, and that is what he knows as comfort. He will eventually start wiggling out of it on his own and then OH BOY! :)
My opinion on feeding...never wake a baby to feed him. They will always let you know when they are hungry. I always gave my girls water in between feedings as well if they would take it) especially during the summer months to keep them hydrated.
But, from the looks of Toph's pics...he is very healthy and HAPPY! I think his mamma is doing a great job! Just one suggestion... Start leaving him with someone for just a couple hours here and there so you and Matt can go out. Start practicing your pumping and being away during feedings. It will help lessen the stress when school starts back up. :(
Hope this rambling report was helpful! ♥