Thursday, June 10, 2010

Crib Time

Above you will see our precious baby napping in his big boy crib. Yes, it has pink bumpers. Remember all those months we thought we were having a girl? We decorated accordingly. That's why when we get knocked up again, we're simply not finding out the sex and decorating strictly gender neutral. I digress. (At least his paci and blankie are blue.)

That baby is napping in his crib. That baby, for the past two weeks, has consistently slept from 8pm until about 3:30-4am, then will wake up, eat, and sleep again til 7am. Last night, that baby slept until 6:15am without waking. Tomorrow, he will be 12 weeks old and since he is too big for his bassinet and since he is sleeping through the night, he will be spending his nights in his crib.

Now, this is a big step for everyone. Hubs has already stated how much he'll miss him in our room, but he can't stay in there forever. I have a feeling I will sleep with the baby monitor nestled beside me, ready to rush in his room at the slightest squeak.

So, barring any major illnesses or anxieties (mine), tonight is Toph's last night in the bassinet. As much as I love watching him grow and change, sometimes I get a little sad at these particular milestones. I will admit he looks cute in that crib though, albeit tiny.

Plus, now I can shop for mobiles! Any excuse to go to Target.

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