Friday, May 14, 2010

He Rocks!

My husband rocks because he is a hands on daddy. Every time the baby wakes up at night, (we're down to only twice!) I nurse him and change him and then gently wake hubs up to swaddle him. Our little boy sleeps the very best if daddy swaddles him. And, on the weekends, I only have to nurse him and then hubs will change him and swaddle him. He also bathes Toph at night so mama can clean the kitchen and if Toph starts to fuss during dinner, Matt will hold him in one arm and eat with the other. He's developed a system for burp cloths and pacis; meaning, in every important room of the house there is a strategically placed burp cloth and paci. (I will admit that sometimes the system breaks down if I'm left in charge too long.)

I am so thankful that Toph has such a positive and strong male role model in his life; we both have professions where we see way too many children with either a negative male influence or no male influence. I am so blessed to have Matt as my partner! He totally rocks!

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