Saturday, May 29, 2010

Bottles, Bottles Everywhere

Operation Give Toph a Bottle started two days ago. I got out three baggies of frozen pumped milk, thawed it and put it in my trusty Dr. Brown's bottle. I handed the bottle over to hubs along with the baby, and started to cry. I'm dead serious. Maybe those hormones are still lingering. Toph fussed the entire way through the bottle, but drank about four ounces of milk. Day two of Operation Give Toph a Bottle was not a success; he was crying his head off and I could not take it, so hubs handed him over and he nursed. Today was day three and it went about the same as day one; a lot of fussing involved, but he when he finished he gave hubs a big smile and was in pretty good spirits after that. Right now he is down for his morning nap and we are relaxing getting ready for a busy-ish day.

I learned that giving him a bottle is not the end of the world and it gives me a much needed opportunity to pump. And, it gives daddy a chance to bond with him by feeding him, so that's always a good thing. Hopefully, this will be my last post dedicated to bottles and breastfeeding!!

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