Friday, April 9, 2010

My Husband Rocks

My husband rocks because he is an AWESOME daddy. I am staying at home with Toph until school starts next year and these first few weeks as a new mom haven't been easy, but I have unconditional support from my husband. He comes home early when I need him to, he takes over every evening when he gets home from work. He loves on his boy and talks to him all the time. Being a daddy comes naturally to him and it makes my heart grow with love every time I see them together.

Toph got his daddy's long legs, which is evident in this picture.

Last night Toph loves being held by daddy so much that he fell asleep and let his soothie just slip out of his mouth.

And here is a pic of my baby at three weeks old; time is going by really fast! He's the most precious fellow I've ever seen. He wasn't too keen on having his picture taken just then, but I just had to have a picture with that sweet outfit on! Already dressing like his daddy!

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