Sunday, December 27, 2009

Hello Third Trimester! Lulu's 28th Week in the Womb

Well, the countdown has begun! We are in the third trimester and Lulu's impending arrival is a mere 12 weeks away. We are so so excited to see her and the weight of being in charge of the well-being of another human has settled on our shoulders and is resting there nicely. Matt and I are ready for our baby, mentally and emotionally. We still have a few things on the other side of the womb to do before she gets here though!

This week Lulu is blinking and she has little eyelashes! Her daddy has beautiful long, curly eyelashes and I know hers will be equally beautiful. She is measuring about 14 inches head to toe and she is moving more than ever. We went to church today and during the music worship, I truly believe she was turning somersaults. Sweet girl.

Our Christmas was wonderful; we had a lovely morning at our home together, resting with each other and marveling at the fact that this is our last holiday season as a pair. We then loaded up and headed south to spend a few days with Matt's mom and stepdad.

The rest of our holidays will be spent resting, relaxing and rejuvenating for the last stretch before our girl arrives.

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