Tuesday, August 5, 2008

A Sure-Fire Way to Squelch Cravings

Last night after I had eaten my perfectly nutritious meal of veggie lasagna (Deceptively Delicious), I had a hankering for a Sonic milkshake. Now, with gas prices the way they are I would not ever dream of leaving the house and wasting gas, money and calories for a silly shake. As luck would have it, my house is a block from Sonic. As I sat with my craving intensifying by the minute, I started justifying that I wouldn't actually be wasting gas if I just walked there, plus I would be burning calories in the process. It would practically be a health shake, right? I hemmed and hawed for awhile and had almost decided to go. My shoes weren't on yet, but I was thinking about which ones I was going to wear. At the last second I decided to look up the nutritionals for a Sonic shake, a coconut cream shake to be exact.

That's what did it. That's what killed my craving. What I found was so ridiculously high in calories, as well as fat and carbs (and not good carbs either), that it stopped me dead in my tracks. A regular size shake of the coconut cream nature had 680 calories. I did the math; that's roughly 45% of my daily caloric intake. And they're not even useful calories; they do nothing for your body except go directly into your bloodstream and spike your blood sugar, setting you up for a sugar crash and another craving. Oh no. Not good.

So, that killed my craving. I would like to find a less harmful sweet something for after dinner. If anyone has any suggestions, please let me know.

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Tara said...

Whenever we're trying to be healthy, we like to do pudding & light cool whip or strawberries with splenda. There is also a south beach diet recipe for doing chocolate covered strawberries with dark chocolate.